At My Bounce Media, we focus on creating emotionally-driven video content that cuts through the noise of the digital age and ensures that your message is heard. We offer award-winning customized video production services to corporates, businesses, and broadcast customers and other different clientele from various professions.

A one stop shop for all your 

Video Productions

We offer a wide range of video production services for our clients from start to finish. These services comprise of scriptwriting, shooting, editing sound, and production design.

Animated Video

Animation or callouts are a great way to explain a complex topic easily or to visualize aspects of a service that is not easily representable with live-action footage. At My Bounce Media, we ensure your ideas come to fruition with animated videos.


 A web agency with a specialization on increasing your online sales revenue and ROI. We handle SEO management, design of responsive webpages, and search engine marketing services. 

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